So much done, so little finished…

The last week has been very challenging, primarily due to surgery on my left hand. It has hurt less than I feared but more than I hoped. Recovery so far has been good but apparently I have a few weeks of physiotherapy and healing to look forward to. A condition called trigger finger of all things, in my left pinkie.

So not much painting done… hence some photos of Rivendell Elves I finished awhile back for my wife.

Early into this project my budget was tighter than it currently is so I was trying all kinds of ways to cut costs. So winning auctions of minis not strictly Lord of the Rings but inexpensive led me to proxy conversion work. This does have the added benefit of more diversity in poses.

So you can see I converted a Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Battle High Elf to fit into the Army of my wife with the banner bearer above. I intend to do similar conversions with various elves of various makers in the future.

Whilst not being able to paint this past week and having to unfortunately cancel a visit from some friends from the UK, I was able to nip over to Spiel in Essen whilst at my in-laws for help with my son. This led to some retail therapy….

I found a Fallout box set half off due to being a demo box at one stall. This was a pleasant surprise because this item was supposed to be a gift in the past but their production was delayed. Once it finally was available I was put off by the cost given my focus on the Middle Earth project. The discount, even if it means I may be missing an arm off one of the minis, was enough to convince me to get it…. and maybe use the mini in power armor for…. Core Space!

OK, I admit it. I am a big Battle Systems fanboy. I got some of their terrain on eBay at a great price and was blown away by how great it is. I also like all the support from the designers with the various videos.

Meeting the guys behind the company after a few hours of watching them in YouTube videos was an odd feeling but they were great. I immediately took a liking to them.

And both my wife and I were convinced to give Core Space a go…in a big way! They gave us a great deal on a big bundle, including an original Kickstarter core set with all the extra gubbins!

I am very, very excited about that. One of my goals has been to create a great space station game environment in 28mm. The Core Space minis are brilliant and I look forward to painting them up. I am thinking of putting them on clear bases, let me know what you think of that idea if you have an opinion.

We finished season 4 of Gotham, it was ok but the show has gotten less engaging each season. I prefer the more idealistic Jim Gordon And dislike how casual he is now about things like torturing suspects for information. Season 5 is not yet on German Netflix so that will have to wait.

No painting meant I had more time for TV so finished season 9 of The Walking Dead. By the end of the season I felt gut punched but better than I felt after the controversial Negan murders of the previous seasons.

It is always weird watching Negan for me because I think the actor looks a lot like me. Much as I want to hate the character that always makes me want him to have a redemption story.

I hate the Whisperers. If I was a character in the show I would run the risk of losing my morals in pursuing a very aggressive war against them. They bother me even more than Negan and the Saviors did. It is fascinating to think about how they bring out such emotions I me.

So it would seem we have a new season of Vikings coming….very surprised by that!

I very much enjoyed Vikings when it started but as the seasons went on I felt the show increasingly failed to deliver on expectations. Some odd plot and costuming decisions but generally brilliant casting. I kept hoping the writing would improve but to be honest I was a bit relieved when I felt the show had ended.

Good looking trailer though… so I am cautiously optimistic….

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