More Elves…

Some Galadhrim…. plastic from GW. Won in auction already painted, but repainted and based to suit our color palette. Darker than my wife expected but she says she is happy with them.

And a Storm Caller proxy, using a converted GW Fantasy Wood Elf… although the conversion was just to trim her hair…

And a mix of both metal and plastic GW LOTR Wood Elves…

Plus some some older Citadel WHFB Wood Elves. These had some minor changes, like trimming down the glaive like spear heads but retain much of the paintwork from the previous artist.

In other news, half way through season 9 of The Walking Dead. Not terrible but not as good as I hoped. The first time jump was ok, but the second one is a bit confusing for me. I have lost track with how this timeline now fits in with Fear the Walking Dead. Disappointed in Michonne. Surprisingly, I like Judith. And I like the new group, especially the music teacher.

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