Where was Gondor?

Nothing finished yesterday, so here is a look at the Gondor forces I have completed so far for the armies of my wife.

Denethor is a rather unlikable chap and looks it.

I have only finished Faramir in armor, afoot. I have him in his ranger kit and on horseback but no idea when I will get around to them.

A bannerman of Gondor….

Some cavalry…

And some infantry. These foot soldiers were won in various auctions, already painted but I repainted them to my standards and taste… in hindsight I should have stripped them first.

I have made slow progress with our Dropfleet Full Thrust project due to distractions and indecision. You can see my design for my fleet has been evolving. I have gone for more of a UN Navy from the Expanse look.

I am still trying to figure out what emblem to add opposite the navy marking. Perhaps UN? Perhaps UNSC? Maybe letters maybe a symbol like a globe. Originally I wanted an anchor and some stars. Stars are easy enough to find but white anchor decals are not. Suggestions are welcome!

In other news we finished watching the first season of The Dark Crystal, Age of Resistance. I was loving the show up until the last couple of episodes. The season finale left me feeling a bit disappointed. The climatic scene seemed farcical to me, which seems odd because I accepted a great deal before that.

Chamberlain was my favorite Skeksis in the movie so I was pleased Simon Pegg was chosen to voice him in the tv series. He continued to be my favorite until the Heretic was introduced. Best. Skeksis. Ever.

I also finally got around to season 9 of The Walking Dead. The first couple of episodes… better than I expected. I like the whole Fallout 4 community building plot. Rick, especially Rick the Cop, is a character I very much identify with. But people being contentious idiots, Maggie and Daryl in particular, irk me. The show accurately portrays how foolish I think people can be, even in the face of obvious adversity. Yeah, I am somewhat bitter these days…

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