Ride! To wrath and ruin….

Back from a week on holiday, so finished a few riders to add to the Rohan army of my wife. Above you can see some of the previously finished miniatures plus the six I just finished.

These fellows were won in auction, part painted. So I finished the work, did the bases and now they fit our color palette.

Pretty standard Rohan painting. Lots of greens and browns.

Miniatures I finished previously include regular Riders of Rohan but also some personalities.

I have no idea who sculpted the horn blower but I think it works well as a converted Rider of Rohan. Same with the shieldmaiden. Theoden should be recognizable as the new GW sculpt. He is a repainted mini also won in auction. I have a new one I am thinking of doing with a helmeted head.

Some more riders…

During the week away from my painting desk I managed to get some reading done. Some more Honor Harrington stuff from David Weber…

I am enjoying the Honorverse much more than I expected. Some of the historical parallels are so blatant as to risk being farcical but other than that I love it. Nice mix of combat action, politics and personal drama.

I also went back to some of my foundational reading of my youth… Hammer‘s Slammers from David Drake.

Drake is a Vietnam War veteran. He talks about it a bit and I can see how his experiences influence his writing. I get a very different experience reading them now with my own experiences compared to when I read them in my naive youth. I would not consider Drake a marvelous wordsmith per se but he does bring a uniquely grim realism to his Combat writing that speaks directly to my inner grunt. For those of you reading this that do not know me personally… yes I was an infantry NCO but not a combat veteran. Fate was kind to me and I am glad to have not taken a life beyond pixels and painted minis.

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  1. Your people of Rohan look excellent. (I’m having a grand time flipping through from the beginning and seeing it all grow.)

    What a blessing indeed to have been spared combat. A heavy weight to carry on after service (as much as I have learned from my position safely far from danger). 😞

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