How time marches on…

Almost a year ago now I attended Crisis, a tabletop wargaming convention in Belgium. Whilst there I bought a siege tower from Thomarillion. Rookie that I was, when I told the man I wanted the siege tower on display he instead handed me a kit…

Photo credit: Thomarillion

The fellow from Thomarillion was a thoroughly nice person to chat with and I was happy to give him some business. He had plenty of things I wanted to buy but a limited budget.

My wife, who has a fondness for kit building but rarely the time put it together but left the painting to me. It has been quite a challenging process.

I thought it would be easy enough but I experimented with Army Painter quick shade. My plan was to use it like a wood stain. I had used their washes to great effect in the past and foolishly thought the quick shade was the same thing in a bigger can.

So I was surprised by how glossy and tacky it was. It seems the Army Painter washes are water based but their quick shade is oil based. I really need to read the small print first.

It took weeks to stop being tacky, but still looked terrible. So I tried putting washes over it… and failed. They just beaded up. In the end I re-spray painted the whole thing. So I ended up with it painted rather than stained.

But dry brushing and ink washing it was also more challenging than I expected for such a simplistic model. I struggled to get a look I was satisfied with. In the end, experimenting was various paints and washes I got a look that I was ok with but not in love. The photos do not really show the subtle wash staining and layers of dry brushing.

In other news, Warlord Games have released another Black Seas video. To me the most interesting part was the reconfirmation that other ship classes are in the pipeline.

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  1. For an arduous process, the end result is pretty great. I’m picturing some soldiers having to put this dang thing together under problematic conditions during a siege and struggling with their limited supplies.

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