Ring Wraiths…

Yesterday I finished a couple of Ring Wraiths….Nazgul is the term I prefer… both are from GW, one of better quality material though. The lesser one was broken, which made it an easy decision to convert to a Black Numenorean.

Technically these are supposed to be named Nazgul, the Dark Marshal… But Tolkien did not name them, GW did. So one is THE Dark Marshal and the other is just a Marshal, ie company Captain.

They join the brethren….

I am not a fan of the super sized flail head on the Witch-King, I really should change that.

If you look close you can see the named Nazgul, Khamul….Shadow of the East, the Black Easterling, the Second Chief. I have no idea who made the mini. I converted his weapon from an over sized mace to the sword you see.

The Black Numenorean looks surprisingly tall with just a head swap from a GW Dark Elf. I have begun work on a matched mounted version, same head and shield. You can see where I used greenstuff to fix his scabbard.

Overall I am pleased with how the Nine are coming along…

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