Swan knights…

Nothing new finished today but I went back and did a bit of a repair of sorts… some of my Knights of Dol Amroth on foot were a bit… glossy. Seems the matt clear coat I used forgot it was Matt as the can ran low. So I finally got around to hand applying some different matt clear coat on. Now they no longer look wet.

I say Knights of Dol Amroth bit some of them may become Sergeants of Dol Amroth.

And then there may be yeomen of Dol Amroth….

Black Seas has some interesting new information. In particular how you can individualize some of the ships to specific named historical ships.

  • A selection of Metal figureheads and backplates to make famous French Navy Ships:

Redoubtable – a 74 gun third-rate ship of the line
Themis – a 40 gun frigate
L’Aigle – a 74 gun third-rate ship of the line
L’Hermione – a 32 gun frigate
Comete – a frigate
Bucentaure – an 80 gun third-rate ship of the line

Ofcourse I have to find a way to justify the time and expense, as well as find space to store the ships…. so Black Seas is still theoretical for me right now.

As for our Dropfleet project my wife and I have been evolving it, throwing ideas around. She wants an aquatic theme for her Scourge ships, and she likes the looks of the Naiads from Mantic. But she also likes the newer version of lizardmen from GW…. with Skitarii weapons.

My latest brainstorm is that my fleet will be from an isolated collection of Terran colonies that were cut off from Terra after the wormhole they travelled through collapsed. Something like the fluff from EVE Online.

One of my survey vessels comes across one of her ships. Her people are territorial, my people believe in free travel through open space… and so conflict is inevitable….

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