The trouble with Trolls…

Nothing completed today so I decided to take some new photos of the Trolls I have completed so far.

I have Trolls from a few different makers hence the size differences, but I like the diversity. You can see them compared to a Nazgul and Grishnak the Orc.

The left most two, the right most two and the center one are all Eaglemoss. The two left and right of the big Eaglemoss chief in the center are Games Workshop. I really like big guy… now that is a Troll I can see besting Aragorn outside the Black Gate.

I have something of a dilemma. I really like the new Warlord Games Black Seas project but I really, really should not get involved in another genre.

Pre-orders are open now…. main release in October.

The pre-release focuses on Napoleonic era British and French ships. So tempting! So many ideas… historically accurate? Fun historical fantasy based on my old Pirates of the Burning Sea experiences? Flintloque? Should I focus on French? Spanish? American? Ottoman?

Where will I find the time? Or the storage space?!

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