Back from a short break…

So, a bit of a blogging break the past few days. Plenty of other things keeping me busy, including a visit to Drachental in Düsseldorf, where we picked up some 3D printed stuff on sale.

Also managed to finish the first Honor Harrington novel. A bit predictable but thoroughly enjoyable. It is amazing how David Weber can so skillfully balance Golden Age of Sail Royal Navy vibe with hard sci-fi. Nice mix of ship and planetside combat. Good politics and more believable crew behavior than Star Trek Discovery or Another Life. People are perhaps a little too skillful at reading each other’s emotions but that may just be me demonstrating my own limited abilities in that regard.

Speaking of the Golden Age of Sail… today I found out about Warlord Games bringing out Black Seas later this year. Looks like exactly my kind of game!

You may need to turn up your sound…

I am really liking the sound of Black Seas. I have heard Cruel Seas has not done well so far, my hope is that Black Seas will benefit from lessons learned. Cruel Seas had a setting that did not appeal to me and my wife… and whilst I would prefer a bit earlier than Napoleonics, perhaps we can get that at some stage in the future with Black Seas. I really love Galleons you see…

Moving on from my frothing, my wife and I saw the first episode of The Dark Crystal: Age of Résistance…

Wow! I am blown away by it! It is like watching Star Wars or the Lord of the Rings again for the first time. Absolutely brilliant so far. Such imagination in the world building! I have to admit I want to convince my wife to have us integrate some of the ideas into our Middle Earth project.

And in closing, a package arrived for me today from the UK. A mate there has been kind enough to help me with UK auctions that did not want to deal with international bidders…. we got some incredibly good deals on Dropfleet Commander and Dropzone Commander! So much awesome epic painting and gaming to do… never enough time!


  1. As the Honorverse novels go on, there is a bit more predictability that happens within them. To me, most of the space engagements tend to still be basic on the head things but there are a lot of plot twists and quick thinking of characters that alter the path of history. To me, when I read the books years ago, I found it hard to believe that a singular individual to have so much influence on a galactic scale without some sort of check and balance. But today… not so sure anymore. 🙂

    I want to watch the Dark Crystal but I also want time to enjoy them. Not sure when I’ll get the time as this month is full of work for me (yay).

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  2. The Dark Crystal is worth the time to enjoy it, so many great little details. I suspect it will become a classic in the years to come.


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