The Lady of the Golden Wood…

A couple of photos of some of my older work…. but not that old. Less than a year ago, but you can see the improvement I have made since then. I still have not quite cracked the photography skills yet.

Galadriel, her Mirror and her husband Celeborn. I find white and flesh tones can get chalky if you are impatient. I have tried to improve my patience since I did these. It did not help that I was painting over another person‘s work rather than stripping them first.

My wife wanted Galadriel in one pose for her regular, everyday behavior and one for her militant spell casting… but she did not want me to paint her in her darker image as seen in the movies, so I painted as shown based on her request.

It is kind of neat to have characters in different poses to reflect different behavior on the board.

I do sometimes wonder where tabletop wargaming stops and role playing games start…

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