Tick Tock…clockworks and anchors aweigh…

A few things completed today…

First, a tinker gnome from Reaper.

Then a mechanical spider… or rather a clockwork crab. I won an older Malifaux mechanical spider in an auction, painted decent and similar to the one below.

Photo Credit Alan Ferrency

But it wasn‘t quite right. Only four legs so not that spidery but my wife was not a fan and I only liked it, not loved it. So after rebasing it I got the idea to make it more crabby. I hate spiders but love crabs. Go figure.

I sculpted the claws and forearms out of spear shafts and greenstuff. Then I did the eye stalks out of greenstuff, inspired by the repair robots, DRDs on Moya in Farscape.


So my tinker had a friend but I figured he needed a bodyguard. I won a soft plastic Warmachine warjack, a bit like a Reaper Bones mini, for a couple of Euros.

It is a bit different from their metal one, but I like it.

I added some spare bits I got in a bits box auction, a secondary steam outlet for when it loses its temper and a little clockwork dragon.

And finally I finished another of my Pelargir Marines, this time a Captain…. and yes those are Warlord Games Roman miniatures. I thought they would make good proxy minis for Pelargir since GW does not make minis for them. Bare legs seem practical for sailing warm waters and in some computer games Pelargir Marines throw javelins.

The shield design and blue colors were important design aspects I felt to give them a less iconically Roman Legion look.

There is a great supplier for shield decals here in Germany.


Why Greek and Roman minis in Middle Earth? Well, Rohan screams Saxon and Norse… so why not? Expect some Samurai and perhaps Mongols for Khand. And Persians for Easterlings or Haradrim. Rus for Laketown and Dale. I love the diversity. Maybe some Game of Thrones houses repurposed as Fiefdoms of Gondor….

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