Busy day…

A lot of things worked on today but nothing finished. Everything takes longer than I have expected.

No photos today, I have left it too late. EDIT: One photo after all…

A work in progress shot as I started my Dropfleet UCM ship design process. I won some ships in an auction, primed pretty heavily and without stands so they seemed a good choice for test painting.

I have a few design schemes in mind. I like the original box art but the ships in the Expanse are also appealing. And I have seen a grey and yellow scheme on the internet that reminds me of the US Navy for some reason.

And there were some designs for a mods for Stellaris that I like.

And finally, we got around to seeing Aquaman. Better than I expected, not as good as I hoped. Decent cast but it all felt a bit… strained. It seemed to lack the kind of spark that Captain Marvel or Guardians of the Galaxy have. Maybe it is a DC Universe thing.

Really though the thing that annoyed me about it was that the director seemed to have gone to the Peter Jackson school of too much of a good thing style of directing. Sensory overload. Saw the same thing in King Kong and the Hobbit.

My wife wants me to try to draw inspiration from the movie for her Dropfleet Commander ships….

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