More From The Archives…

Although I was busy working on various projects today, nothing was finished so instead I took some photos of previously completed work.

First up some ruin walls that were won in an auction. I did some minor improvements and now I think they are ready for the table.

Next a small Corsairs of Umbar vessel. I took a stripped resin hull to start with and did the rest. Not amazing work I know but I am proud of it. A lot more work went into it than I expected. For some reason the Corsairs came out in a way that reminds me of Klingons. One of them is a converted Wargames Factory Celt chariot rider.

Then we have some GW Moria Goblins. I hold to the theory that Tolkien used Goblins and Orc interchangeably, but that Goblins are the smaller Snaga type Orcs.

And finally a Warlord Games berserker. I am not normally a fan of bare chested, bare footed berserker models but for some reason I like how this one came out. The plan is to possibly use him as a Dunlending Hillman.

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