Ogre, ogre?

So today I finished a couple of reworks, improving the bases and clear coating them.

The GW Nurgle Champion was won unexpected in a larger bits auction. He came partially painted, so I rebased it and painted to my color palette. My plan was to use it as an ogre, yes I know ogres are only mentioned as an aside by Tolkien, but my wife does not like the miniature at all. So I am not sure what will become of it.

The trees were saved from a junk terrain bits auction. I was not a fan but my wife liked them so I put them on their own little bases. Now I have grown to like them.

Last night my wife and I finally caught Captain Marvel.

We had already seen Avengers: Endgame but had missed Captain Marvel in the theaters. We both found it quite good. One of our favorite Marvel movies in fact. Likable characters, witty dialogue, good fight scenes, excellent costume and set design. Good hero‘s journey character arc. Pretty much everything I ask for in a movie.

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