Beware the Black Numenoreans…

The Black Numenorean miniatures, at least the ones on foot are not particularly inspiring… and with only three poses it makes a unit of them look rather static. So I look for alternatives.

I have tried a few ideas that I have seen others do, use GW Dark Elves, use Army of the Dead (my wife‘s Army of the Dead will use GW chain rasp miniatures), use Numenoreans from the Last Alliance… pretty much anything.

I think GW Dark Elves have a suitably gothic look to match the Weta LOTR Black Numenorean look of the Mouth of Sauron. I just had to cut down their oversized swords. And for some reason Black Numenoreans make me think of old artwork I have seen of Michael Moorcock‘s Elric of Melniboné.

So far my most popular has been my conversion of the GW Vampire Isabella von Carstein. I use her as a Black Numenorean in game…. fluff wise she is  Queen Berúthiel. Hence why I added a cat to her base.

I know these miniatures go against the Dark Ages historical look popular with Tolkien purists, an aesthetic I actually like, but Peter Jackson, Weta Workshop and Games Workshop have all reimagined Middle Earth with such skill that many, including my wife, prefer the much later period costuming.

To deal with this I have tried balancing a lot of different visions of Middle Earth into our vision of it. From Tolkien himself, various films, computer games, posters and various other artwork… all the way up to what my wife imagined.

What do you think? Does it work for you or are you a purist?

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