Getting things done…

With many things to get done around the house I have not had time to get much painting done. But part of the reason I started this block is to keep me motivated. So here are a couple of things I just finished.

Denethor was won in an auction and did not require much of a repaint but I did a couple little things. I redid his face but his eyes were really problematic. He is sculpted with big bags under his eyes and that was difficult to paint in a way that did not make him look oddly bug-eyed. In the end I settled for him looking like Vigo from Ghostbusters more than the actor that played Denethor. Of course it was also rebased.

The banshee is an old metal GWFB model, again won on eBay, and again a minor repaint and rebase. I chose to paint the sword and jewelry to make it look a little less monotone.

The three standing stones are from an unknown game but make nice objective markers and flavor scatter terrain. A bit different but similar to the GW Elven standing stone that I am currently working on.

And finally some unit bases from Test of Honor. Good for unit leader, musician and standard bearer command units. But also work to hold scatter terrain that is on 25mm bases in a coherent manner. Put a tree on a 25mm base, a couple of flavor pieces and you have a cool little forest terrain piece.

In addition to freshly finished pieces I will put up my archived work… so expect a blog post a day for awhile to come.

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