The First of the Gnomes…

I have been working on miniatures for a few months now after a break of many years. This was done to take the place of my computer gaming… and having more than pixels in stored memory has definitely been rewarding.

My wife and I decided to focus on medieval fantasy, creating our own vision of Tolkien‘s Middle Earth. Although I have dabbled a bit in other projects which I will share on this blog eventually.

What really got my creative juices flowing was this conversion project, turning some spare GW goblins into Gnomes… or rather Dwarves of the Blue Mountains. And that inspired not only the name of this blog but the creation of the blog itself.

I was inspired by another artist in doing this by his conversion project along the same lines. After that I saw a couple of others folks doing this as well so I am far from alone.

Feel free to leave a comment with feedback, suggestions or recommendations on how you think I could improve my work.


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